Below are listed our most popular services. You might also want to inquire about our Consulting Lease Program

Business Formations

Having problems determining what your business entity should be? Sole Proprietor. Limited Liability Company, C-Corp? We make it simple. With a short consultation we can help you determine which path works best for you and provide options on creating the entity. 

Business Plan Creation

All good ideas have a beginning, a body and an ending. A good, well developed business plan can create the roadmap for your business success. Is it necessary to have a business plan? No is the immediate answer, but it chiefly depends on what your business does and where you want it to go. We can help you make that decision with just a simple conversation.

Marketing Plans

Marketing is a key area that many business owners overlook. Why is Marketing important and why do I need a marketing plan? Marketing is the process of getting people interested in your company's products or services. This done though research, analysis, and understanding your prospective customers. With a well-developed marketing plan, you create a road map to maximize your reach and create high quality customers. We can assist you in achieving this objective.

General Business Consulting

Not all situations fit into a particular box. Often times having the ability to call on a company to inquire about a question or solution is all that is needed. We offer general business consulting in several forms to accommodate your needs. 

Legal Assistance

We offer some alternative services to provide you the opportunity to get answers to legal questions at ani affordable rate. The entire process of forming a business requires legal consultation and knowing your law firm is just a call away is a great tool in your pocket.